Tristar Consultants

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Effective Sales and Marketing support that you can MEASURE - and you only pay us by RESULTS!

We are truly independent consultants, with a proven track record of supporting a wide range of clients to achieve their goals. We have no products to sell and no axes to grind. We prefer to adopt an integrated approach to Sales and Marketing which means that we can look at any, some, or all aspects of your business, depending on your specific issues:

  • Strategy - we will help you to get to where you really want the business to be - and show you what you need to do to win those valuable extra sales

  • Tactics - how to deliver the sales and marketing strategy effectively, at the lowest cost and with the greatest added value, producing more profit from each and every sale that you make

  • People - simplifying your organisation and its processes and really getting the most from the team that you already have

We work with you so that you will become more profitable and competitive by:

  • Winning more new clients for you

  • Making all of your clients more profitable

  • Utilising your resources more effectively

  • Making your business easier to manage

  • Ensuring that your team really engages with the business

  • Enabling you to be more innovative and flexible

  • Helping you to take the earliest advantage of new opportunities

  • Offering you a method of paying us based on our RESULTS, not on huge up-front fees that can never be justified


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